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We are leaders in open channel flow measurement, using ultrasonic technology. The Mainstream flowmeter product range was borne out of the R & D company Croma Developments, a company founded in 1986. Croma was developed as a vehicle for transferring academic research results into commercial applications. The company is now concerned with research, development and design of instrumentation with a heavy emphasis on embedded micro-processors.

Mainstream applications

With flexible interface options and easy to use Mainstream Communicator software, the Mainstream flowmeter is simple to customise for your applications!

Effluent Monitoring

Waste Water Treatment

Industrial Flow Measurement

Irrigation Channels

River/Stream Flow Measurement

Water Distribution

We provide the following products:







This is our mainstream difference: 
  • High sensitivity extends applications to “clean” water
  • Sophisticated ultrasound processing ignores spurious signals
  • Ultrasound signal quality monitor confirms measurement integrity
  • Velocity measurement with better than 100:1 turndown ratio.
  • Velocities from 10mm/S to 5m/S.
  • Channels or pipes from 150mm to 3m wide.
  • Guaranteed no zero offset or drift.
  • Probe may be located up to 500 metres from the system unit.
  • Easy to use PC software simplifies commissioning and product support.
  • Flow measurement for velocities from 10 mm/S up to 5m/S
  • Quick to install – no weirs or flumes

A unique feature for the Mainstream is its signal quality reading. Mainstream calculates the percentage of the total signal that contains useful velocity information. This is signal quality; an invaluable metric for flowmeter condition monitoring.

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